Adopt-a-Park Program

Adopt-a-park is a public service program for individuals, families, neighborhood associations, schools, church groups, senior citizens, youth groups, scouts, and businesses to pick up litter, monitor vandalism, care for trees and perform one beautification project per year. Participation in this program is a great way to promote civic responsibility and generate community pride while giving residents of Mahtomedi a chance to make a personal contribution to a cleaner park environment. Volunteers complete an application requesting to adopt a park and agreeing to fulfill the terms and conditions of the program for a period of one year.

Group Responsibilities

The Adopt-a-Park groups agree to:

  • Pick up litter according to the suggested clean up schedule
  • Notify the City of any vandalism noticed during your visits to the park
  • Perform one beautification project per year
Street Car Park Sign

Street Car Park is one of our adopted parks and an Eagle Scout project.

City Responsibilities

The City of Mahtomedi agrees to:

  • Provide trash bags and safety information
  • Remove filled trash bags from the park and roadsides, and remove any large, heavy or hazardous items
  • Assist in the beautification project if approved by the City Council
  • Provide a certificate of appreciation from the City Council and recognition, when possible, in the local newspaper

Adopt a Park

If you would like to adopt a local park, contact Mahtomedi City Hall.