Mahtomedi Park Plan

Although Mahtomedi is almost fully developed and the opportunities for acquiring additional parkland are limited, there is much the City of Mahtomedi can and should do to ensure that its parks, open spaces and trails are preserved and enhanced for the present and future generations. The Mahtomedi Park Plan serves the following purposes:

  • It address physical planning issues such as acquisition and development of parks.
  • It ties together the park, open space and trail components of the City into a system plan that reflects the relationship between these components and the City's Comprehensive Plan.
  • It expresses a long-range vision that can serve the City through the year 2025, but it also provides specific policies and recommendations that address current issues.
  • It identifies key issues, set goals, develops policies for achieving the goals and describes actions need to implement the policies.
  • It guides City Staff, the Park Commission, the Planning Commission, the City Council, landowners and private developers in decision relating to parks, open spaces and trails in the City.

This Plan is a general plan that brings together its various elements into a unified system. It is not intended to provide detailed development plans for individual parks or trails.

2017 Mahtomedi Park Plan (PDF)