Backyard Composting

Composting is an easy way for you to help the environment. By composting, you recycle organic materials, save valuable resources, and reduce the burden on our waste disposal system. Composting can also save you money by reducing the weight and volume of your discarded waste possibly reducing garbage bills. Keeping organic materials out of your trash can or cart also helps reduce odors, especially, during warm weather.

Soil Conditioner

Finished compost, or humus, is a great soil conditioner. Adding finished compost to your lawns, gardens, and flower beds can help them retain moisture, while reducing the need and frequency of watering. Working compost into clay type or "tight" soils can improve soil structure and drainage, and permit better and deeper root penetration. The naturally occurring microorganisms of the compost have also been shown to be beneficial to maintaining plant health.

Additional Information

For detailed information on how to compost in your backyard, please visit Washington County's website.