County Compost Sites

One of Mahtomedi’s great assets is the quality and maturity of its urban forest. In the spring, this asset brings a challenge when many yards are filled with leaves and plant material from gardens and borders. It is very important to dispose of leaves and other yard wastes appropriately. Burning leaves or raking them into the street is illegal. When leaves accumulate in roadsides and gutters, they can clog storm drains or be washed into the storm sewer system and into area lakes and ponds, affecting their capacity and quality.

State law prohibits the disposal of yard wastes with ordinary garbage, but most waste haulers will pick up yard wastes separately, for an additional charge.View Washington County Environmental Center or Washington County Disposal Directory Search or Washington County Yard Waste Disposal

Private Composting Containers

For those who have sufficient space on their lots, City Code permits the maintenance of private composting containers. Please contact Mahtomedi City Hall at 651-426-3344 for specific regulations concerning the size and location of such containers.