About Our City

Visitors to Mahtomedi will find a community that appreciates its past. Mahtomedi has been a summer retreat for a variety of users. The City was founded as a Chautauqua community around 1900, when visitors would come to the east shore of White Bear Lake for recreation, lectures, music and a time of reflection. Later Wildwood Amusement Park was built by the streetcar company to give Twin Cities residents a reason to ride to the end of the line. 

At about the same time, summer homes and cottages began to be built as Mahtomedi became a resort and vacation destination. The area was so popular that even Ma Barker and her gang spent time here when they were in town.


Today, Mahtomedi is a community still focused on its single greatest recreational amenity, White Bear Lake. You can enjoy our many parks and trails, some of which retrace the streetcar line. You can also visit our wonderful restaurants and, if you listen very carefully, you might even hear a streetcar going by.

Interesting Facts

  • Area: 5 square miles
  • County: Washington
  • Founded in 1900
  • Land: 3.6 square miles
  • Population: 8,039
  • Water: 1.4 square miles
White Bear Lake

League of Women Voters

Visit the League of Women Voters website League of Women Voters Website for a list of U.S., State and Local Officials for the area. Mahtomedi is in U.S. House District 4, State Senate District 43 and House District 43A. Mahtomedi is in both Districts 1 and 2 in Washington County, the dividing line is District 1 is north of Stillwater Road/Highway 244and District 2 is south of Stillwater Road/Highway 244.