Fighting Buckthorn and Utilizing the Weed Wrench 

What is a weed wrench? A weed wrench is a manually operated, all-steel tool designed to remove woody plants by uprooting. It utilizes powerful jaws, with a gripping leverage, that are teamed for pulling. Weed Wrench is an efficient, safe, selective, permanent means of eliminating unwanted shrubs and sapling trees. Soil disturbance is minimal and desirable plants are left unharmed. Persons of ordinary strength can use it effectively after only seconds of familiarization.  

How Do I obtain a weed wrench? Residents of Mahtomedi may borrow the Weed Wrench  by first calling 651-426-3344 to check its availability.  There are several sizes available.  Then stop by City Hall at 600 Stillwater Rd. to pick up the wrench by providing your name, address and telephone number.  

Is there a fee to use the weed wrench? There is no fee charged to Mahtomedi residents. We do require a $35 deposit.

How long can I use the weed wrench? The weed wrench can be used by an individual for up to one week (7 days).  Residents may request additional time if a wrench is available.

The Mahtomedi Public Works Department picks up buckthorn ONLY year round, typically within the week the call is received.  If any other species are mixed in we will not pick it up.  Residents should call 651-773-9730 when stacked at the curb ready for pick up.

Fighting Buckthorn (PDF)
MN DNR Buckthorn Brochure (PDF)