Fall & Winter Reminders

On-Street Parking - From November 1 to April 1, no vehicles may park on City streets between the hours of 1 AM to 7 AM - or anytime snow accumulation equals or exceeds 3 inches until the street is cleared of snow. 

Plowing - The City is divided into defined plowing routes; within each route, priorities have been established that take into consideration topography, traffic volumes, and usage. For instance, more heavily traveled roads and roads adjacent to schools are given priority. Plows first clear the center of the roadway; subsequent passes by the plow move the snow onto the boulevard / easement. In cul-de-sacs, snow is piled either into the middle or at a predetermined spot within the cul-de-sac. Snow stored is cul-de-sacs is removed as time allows. The City uses salt and other de-icers when there is hazardous ice or other slippery conditions; however, due to environmental concerns, use of these products is limited. 

Sidewalks/Trails cleaning in the City typically begins on day 2 after a significant snowfall and after all streets are fully cleared and will continue until complete.  If a significant snowfall happens on a weekend and/or holiday, sidewalk/trail snow removal will begin the next business day. The City will maintain sidewalks and trails by moving snow with a snow blower or plow.  Sidewalks/Trails will be cleared of accumulated snow but will not be maintained to a “clean pavement” condition (i.e., one to two inches of snow will remain on sidewalks/trails after snowplowing operations). 

Clip & Save Public Works Policy Regarding Snow Removal (PDF)

Frozen Pipes - The prolonged low temperatures and the increased depth of frost in the ground increases the likelihood of water pipes freezing. Frozen pipes are at risk of expanding and rupturing and causing an interruption of water service to your property. This situation is particularly true for slab-on-grade structures and split entry homes. By monitoring your water service, you may be able to determine if the water service to your home or business is beginning to experience difficulties. One sign is seeing discolored water when you turn on the faucet. Another is a water temperature below 40 degrees. (TIP: to determine the water temperature, hold an instant read or kitchen thermometer under running water or immediately insert the thermometer into a water filled glass). One way to lessen the chance of frozen pipes is to run a faucet at a slow trickle to keep water flowing through the pipes. If you have questions, or if you have utilized the services of a pipe thawing company, please call the City at 651-773-9730. 

Frozen Water Service Lines (Image)

Homeowners should know that frozen water service lines may be an issue during the winter months. In the past couple years several water service lines froze in Mahtomedi. Homeowners are responsible for the entire water service line from the House to the Water Main. In some instances property owners are advised to leave one faucet open to run at a trickle so their water service won’t freeze up. If you have any questions about your water service, please contact Public Works at 651-773-9730.

Hydrants - Please consider adopting a fire hydrant by keeping a path shoveled to the hydrant so they can be easily and more important, quickly accessed by the fire department in the event of an emergency at your home or in your neighborhood. 

Mailboxes - To ensure mail delivery, please clear snow away from the front of your mailbox. Properly installed mailboxes (PDF) accidentally toppled by the blade of a snow plow are the home owners’ responsibility to repair however you will be reimbursed up to $75 with turned in receipts. Mailbox Reimbursement Form (PDF) 

Safety - Children are attracted to mounds of snow but please keep them from the areas along streets and ends of driveways where vehicles frequent and visibility could be impaired. Due to the size and force of the snowplow, it is important to keep items, such as vehicles, rubbish containers, etc., at least 5 feet back from the edge of the street. Any closer and they could sustain damage or become buried under snow. Shoveling, blowing, pushing, or plowing snow or ice into a City street - whether or not the street has already been plowed - can result in a fine for the homeowner. 

Sod Damage - If a snow plow causes sod damage, in the spring, the City will repair the area with topsoil and seed. Please be mindful of planting shrubs, flowers or installing sprinkler heads in the City’s Right of Way as we are not responsible for damages.

Trash and Recycling - On trash collection day, set your rubbish and recycling containers out prior to 7 AM. Place the containers on the driveway apron, behind the curb, out of the path of traffic and snow plows.