Summer Reminders

Backyard (Recreational) Fires - Backyard/recreational fires are allowed when: 

  • The base of the fire does not exceed three feet in diameter.
  • Flames do not exceed two feet in height. 
  • Fire is contained in a fire ring of noncombustible material.
  • Fire ring is located at least 25 feet from any structure.
  • Water source is in close proximity.
  • Fire is attended until extinguished. 
  • Burning only clean, dry wood, lumber, sticks and branches; not treated lumber, leaves, trash, furniture, etc.
  • Fire does not produce smoke that causes discomfort or a negative impact to neighboring properties. If there is discomfort or an impact, please call 911. 

Basketball Hoops in Streets - For safety reasons - your families and City crews, recreational devices (i.e. basketball hoops, hockey nets, etc.) cannot be installed or placed in the right-of-way or boulevard areas of your yard or in public streets, even on a temporary basis. 

Buckthorn - Borrow buckthorn pullers for free! The City has several sizes of buckthorn pulling tools available. Call 651-426-3344 to check availability. Public Works will pick up buckthorn year round that has been brought up to the curb, just call us when ready at 651-773-9730. 

Call Before Digging - Planning to dig in your yard for posts, landscaping, gardening, or other? Call Gopher State One Call at 811 at least 48 hours before digging.  

Irrigation Systems

  • Turn the system's automatic function off. Adjust the controls manually when it needs water.
  • If you notice an area of your yard that needs more water, change the setting on that zone or adjust the sprinkler heads watering that specific area.
  • Consider using low-volume, low-angle heads. Adjust heads so the water is delivered as close to the turf as possible. This minimizes water lost to evaporation.
  • Observe your system in action. Adjust nozzles and irrigation duration as needed to ensure most efficient use of water possible. Make sure water is not sprinkling impervious surfaces such as sidewalks, roadways and driveways.
  • If you are considering the installation of an irrigation system or an upgrade to an existing system, look for water-saving irrigation system technology. It will reduce water use and save you money on your water and sewer bill for years to come. 

Outdoor Warning Sirens - Outdoor warning sirens are tested at 1 PM on the first Wednesday of each month, March to October. 

Parking by Mailboxes - To allow for the unobstructed delivery of mail, vehicles must park at least 10 feet away from either side of all mailbox between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM, Monday - Saturday. 

Pets and Leashes - When dogs and cats leave their premises, they need to be leashed or under other physical control. Dogs need to be leashed when in city parks. Pet Waste: When leaving private property, on foot, accompanied by a dog, City code requires the human possess supplies, such as plastic bags, to collect and dispose of any excrement from the pup. This requirement is in effect year round and violating the code carries a hefty penalty. Before heading out, gather up a few bags (shopping, newspaper, food storage) and place them in your pocket so you'll be fully prepared for a drop-and-stop, or two! 

Property Complaints - Have a concern with or complaint about a neighboring property? Use the Citizen Request Form or call White Bear Lake Code Enforcement at 651-762-4834. Please note that you need to live within 200' of the subject property -- or be able to see it from your property. All complaints are anonymous. 

Sewer Back-ups - If your property experiences a problem with the public sewer system, call Public Works at 651-773-9730 immediately -- before contacting a private drain cleaning service. 

Storm Sewers - Only Rain in the Drain. If yard waste (leaves, grass clippings), automotive fluids, and pet waste are allowed to enter storm drains, they flow directly to our lakes, rivers, and ponds. Urban storm water runoff is a major source of pollution. Do your part, one drop at a time! 

Sump Pumps - PLEASE ROUTE OUT! The flow that enters the sanitary sewer system through toilets, wash tubs, and floor drains is sent to the treatment plant in Saint Paul. The flow is metered and Mahtomedi and its utility customers are charged for additional flow. If you use a sump pump, please note that it is illegal to discharge sump pumps into the sewer system. Route discharge outside to your yard, the street, the storm sewer, or waterway. If your sump pump needs to discharge into the sewer system, even temporarily, please call 651-773-9730 to make arrangements. 

Tall Grass - Grass at all properties needs to be kept to a maximum height of six inches, cut at least every two weeks between May 15 and October 15, and weeds kept under control. When the City gets a complaint about tall grass, the property owner has up to five days to cut the grass or the City will cut the grass and charge the property owner. To report tall grass or weeds use the Citizen Request Form or call White Bear Lake Code Enforcement at 651-762-4834.

Tire Disposal - During the summer, Minnesota Mosquito Control will pick up tires at no cost. Call 651-645-9149 to schedule a pickup. 

Trash and Recycling Containers - Except on your trash and recycling collection day, containers need to be stored on the side or back of your house/ garage or inside a garage or shed. Or call 651-773-9730 to learn about screening options. 

Tree Removal or Pruning - Don't go out on a limb by hiring a tree service company that has not been licensed by the City. Call 651-426-3344 for more information. 2022-2023 City Licensed Tree Contractors (PDF)

Watering Lawns and Gardens - Lawn care experts say "watering thoroughly but infrequently" is the best course of action for a healthy yard. Minnesota's natural resources are limited and need to be preserved; as such, Mahtomedi operates under a year round, odd-even watering schedule: even numbered addresses can water on even numbered days and odd numbered addresses on odd numbered days. Please note that NO ONE is allowed to water between the hours of 11 am – 6 pm every day per City Ordinance. 

Wetlands and Ponds - Please remember to not dispose of grass clippings or animal excrement adjacent to pending areas or in streets and sewers. Grass clippings and other materials adversely affect the water quality of our wetlands and lakes. Also, the area surrounding wetlands/ ponds (generally 25 feet around the perimeter) is owned by the City or state and should not be maintained as an extension of a private yard. The natural growth around wetland serves as a filter to reduce or eliminate harmful sediments. 

Wildlife and Waterfowl - Please remember that the feeding wildlife (like deer) or water fowl (like geese) is not allowed in the city and that bird feeders need to be at least five feet above the ground or structure, such as a deck.