Lake Links Trail

Lake Links Association 2 (IMAGE)

Proposed Routing of Trail

In Mahtomedi, the routing of the trail is proposed to begin at the common border with the City of Birchwood along Birchwood Road as an off-road trail along the north side of Birchwood Road to Wildwood Beach Road. The trail will then be an on-road route along Wildwood Beach Road to Ash St, then along Ash St. to Park Avenue. The trail will then continue on-road north along Park Avenue to Locust St., then east along Locust and Maple Streets to Mahtomedi Ave (Hwy 244). The trail will then be an off-road trail from Maple St to Neptune St crossing Mahtomedi Avenue at the marked crosswalk at Neptune St where it will connect to the existing Streetcar Trail. Lake Links Trail will then follow the Streetcar Trail to Quail St where from that point the trail will be a combination of an on-road and off-road trail adjacent to and on Briarwood Ave to Dwinnell Ave where the paved trail will terminate at the Dellwood/Mahtomedi border.

A map of the proposed trail routing can be found on the Lake Links website at