Mahtomedi Wetland Inventory

A total of 161 wetlands within the City were evaluated using Minnesota Routine Assessment Methodology for Evaluating Wetland Functions (MnRAM) Version 3.4 beta. The wetlands within Valley Branch Watershed that overlapped with the city boundary were already assessed by the Watershed. The wetland values used by the watershed were incorporated into the city-wide wetland assessment. Wetlands designated as stormwater ponds within Valley Branch Watershed were changed to a Managed 3 classification.

Department of Natural Resources Public Waters Basins do not have wetland classification and should be regulated by the City’s shoreland ordinance. The current City wetland ordinance uses a classification system of rankings from Manage 1 through Manage 4. These rankings do not match the MnRAM classification rankings of Preserve through Manage 3. WSB recommends amending the City ordinance to match the MnRAM rankings, as listed below in this memorandum. This amendment will form congruence between the Mahtomedi Wetland Inventory, the wetland ordinance, and the watershed districts within the City.

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2021 Mahtomedi Wetland Inventory (PDF)