Are snowmobiles allowed on city streets?

Snowmobiles may be ridden on City streets and on White Bear Lake, at speeds reasonable and appropriate for the conditions and not above the speed limits. Snowmobiles may not be ridden on pedestrian trails, in City parks or on private property, unless riders have the written permission of the owner. The one exception is that snowmobiles may be ridden on the unplowed portion of the trail along Stillwater Road. Snowmobiles are not to be ridden between midnight and 6 a.m. except in the case of an emergency. 

Please be certain that you know the location of City and County boundaries. Next door, Ramsey County prohibits the operation of snowmobiles anywhere within the County. For information regarding other requirements for snowmobiles and off road recreational vehicles in the City of Mahtomedi, please contact City Hall at 651-426-3344.

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1. Are snowmobiles allowed on city streets?
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